entry 34 - 14/05/2020

feels kinda shitty that i didn't write an entry on the 20th of april but honestly i could not find the motivation. i spent most of the day in bed just crying. also i have to point out that i fucking hate the coding on this site, it was my first attempt at making a website and so when i started i didn't know how to do things properly and now that i've learned, this shit is a clusterfuck. i would love to start over and just scrap all the useless shit, make everything work smoother and have the code be less crappy for lack of a better word. it being so messy is part of the reason why i rarely come on here anymore. what i came on here to say this time is that i see more and more tcc related sites popping up, and i see so many people who are kind of like me? at least what i gather from their sites when i check them out. i really wanna connect with you guys cause you seem cool, but i'm not sure if i should or how to approach you. so like if anyone wants to chat just hit me up on discord: REMOVED lmao stop harrassing me RTG fans. you can come to just talk, vent, whatever the fuck you feel like doing honestly and i think i'd really love to just BE THERE for people. especially those who are new to the whole "oh shit, i relate to school shooters" thing. i wish i would've had someone who could just listen to me and give me guidance back when i was 13 and everything was fucking miserable.

edit: so i moved to vodkabinereb, go follow me there instead as i'm probably not going to continue updates here.