"you know what i hate?"

immigrants and refugees. jesus FUCK, stop ruining every other country in the fucking world. go back to where you came from. especially those fuckers who come to sweden from syria or whatever, i'm tired of seeing them sitting outside of stores begging for money when in reality they're most likely part of some illegal immigrant ring. i'm tired of them raping the women and beating the men. i'm tired of our tax money being given to them so that they can sit at home without jobs and just steal right out of our pockets. i'm tired of their disgusting behaviour in general.

obnoxious and intrusive morons. i can't stand people who don't understand there's such a thing as personal space or a respectable speaking volume. they make school or any other public place a living fucking nightmare.

animal abuse. i don't care what an animal has done, you don't fucking hurt it unless it's self defense or in order to get food.

social justice warriors. you're all retarded and sensitive, go get a life instead of getting offended by the slightest things. the world doesn't revolve around you.

ignorant teachers who don't take into consideration that i have a neurological disorder that prevents me from doing things like having a presentation in front of the entire class. like jeez, you expect someone with autism and severe social anxiety to do that? fuck off.

when i'm in a rush and everyone else around me acts as if it's not important. being on time is god damn important and sometimes i just wanna kill those who slow me down or get in my way.

unnecessary social interaction. don't fucking bug me in real life unless you absolutely have to! how hard is that to understand?

love. this one is a real punch to the gut. at first you feel all special and amazing but guess the fuck what, in the end it just messes you up.

people who bring their babies to somewhere like the cinema. fuck. the. hell. off. nobody wants to listen to your screaming child. if they can't shut up, don't take them with you in the first place you fuckhead.

lgbt people who base their entire personalities off of the fact that they're gay or trans or whatever the hell. just shut the fuck up. honest to nonexistent god, nobody wants to listen to you blabber on about how gay you are. it's annoying and repetitive. it only makes people hate you.

snitches. when you think you can trust someone, you tell them everything. but apparently trust means nothing to them and they completely screw you over. makes me wanna commit mass murder.

pedophiles. if i could, i'd torture every single pedophile in this stupid ass world. i hate pedophiles. i fucking hate them so bad. they can't be helped with therapy or something retarded along those lines. they just need to be punished until they die.

rapists or sex offenders in general. how difficult is it to grasp the concept of consent? i should start a counter of how many times i've been sexually harassed.

ghosts. why are they so scary? i saw one in my old apartment and the fear paralyzed me.