how i discovered and eventually joined the tcc

(tcc - true crime community)

in the first few days of january 2017, i had a random thought to google "school shooting documentary". i'd always been interested in crime but until then i'd never really focused on anything specific. the first result i got was zero hour. watching it for the first time, i felt great distress.

the countdown ticking, the loud gunshots. i couldn't possibly imagine how anyone would do something so cruel. i felt immense hatred and rage towards eric harris and dylan klebold (the two gunmen). to anyone not in the tcc that would seem perfectly reasonable and justified, however after watching the documentary i went on to do my own research on the columbine case. i learned to understand. most of what i read came from tumblr, which is where i found the "true crime community". i was running on few hours of sleep at that point, all i wanted to do was learn more and more. my thirst for knowledge couldn't be quenched.

in just a matter of days i had learned everything there was to know about the case, at least what's available to the public. i was ecstatic to have found a community full of people just like me. it's almost as if i was made for it. i no longer feel like a freak for being interested in true crime. one of my favourite hobbies is researching about cases, and columbine obviously affected me the most. it'll always hold a special place in my heart and each anniversary i mourn for ALL victims, all 15 of them.